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Pranava Yoga Center is built on a foundation of the ancient and traditional practices of Patanjali's eight-limbed path of yoga. At Pranava, there is a focus on cultivating deep awareness and connection in the body, mind, and spirit. While the instructors hold the traditions close and believe in living a yogic lifestyle, we can also be a little rebellious at times. We are fun and light-hearted, but also disciplined, professional, dedicated, passionate, compassionate, inspirational, and hardworking. We firmly believe that a higher state of well-being can be attained through a steady yoga practice. Pranava Yoga Center instructors are passionate about extending the teachings of yoga and are ourselves dedicated practitioners and students of yoga for life. We take our yoga practice off the mat and into our daily lives. We encourage students to see the world from another perspective. We have the ability to help students grow in their yoga practice, and we motivate students to find their own inspiration from within.



Latest Studio News

New Classes!
You asked and we listened! Beginning on Sunday, July 5th, the morning Vinyasa Intermediate/Advanced class will be a 2-hour class! We'll bump the start time to 9:30am and still end at 11:30am. If you're a little sore the next day or if you're an outdoor weekend warrior needing a little TLC, check out the new Monday, 7:30pm Yin Yoga class with LeAnne C. starting July 6th. And to round out the week, on July 10th we'll be changing the Friday, 5:30pm class to Vin-Yin, which will begin with Vinyasa and end with a bit of Yin Yoga. What great ways to begin and end your week!

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Yoga Rocks the Park
The first session of Yoga Rocks the Park was a huge success! It returns to Colorado Springs on Saturday, July 18. There are four amazing events this summer, culminating with a FREE community day sponsored by Pranava on September 19th. Join us for some fun in the sun! You can find out more and purchase your tickets in advance right here.



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"We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think.  When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves."
~ Buddha

Teacher Training

The Winter 2016 200-Hour Teacher Training Program begins in January. Come to our Teacher Training Open House on 9/27 or check out the 200 Hour Teacher Training Page for more information.

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Our current Teacher Trainees!

Focus of the Month



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Meditation can (at first) be an intimidating practice for many people. Before I began my own practice, I thought, "Well, if meditation is clearing your mind, I'll never be successful so I'm just not going to try!" Then I learned that clearing the mind is something that takes lots and lots of practice, so to think of it as a one-pointed focus. That made it much more accessible, and I think this is helpful for many people. Focus on one thing. Then as your mind begins to wander and other thoughts arise, become aware and shift your attention back to your point of focus.

With consistent practice - even just a few minutes a day - you may notice many benefits including but certainly not limited to: a more calm and focused mind, increased energy and awareness, better productivity, better sleep, lower blood pressure, better ability to handle stressful situations with grace... the list goes on!

There are also many different kinds of meditation, some of which we'll explore this month at the studio.  Any action can become a meditation if we move through it mindfully. What types of meditation have you explored and is there one that works best for you?

"Meditation practice isn't about trying to throw ourselves away and become something better. It's about befriending who we are already."" 

~Pema Chödrön
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First time to Pranava?
Every new practitioner gets a week of
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For seven consecutive days, experience as many different class styles and instructors as you like. This offer is available to all new customers, both local and out-of-town. Show up at the studio when you are ready to start your free week!

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Teacher Feature

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Name:  Kris J.
Teaches:  Friday 12:00pm, Vinyasa Express

1) What is one kirtan chant that has resonated with you lately and why?
"Teyata Gate Gate Paragate Para Samgate Bodhi Soha." This chant is part of the Heart Sutra in Mahayana Buddhism and roughly translates into "Gone, gone, altogether gone. Oh, what an awakening!" Gone beyond all forms, all limitations, all identity. The version of this chant that is my favorite is by the kirtan artist Wah!, and I recently had the great fortune to be at a bhakti workshop with Wah! in February. I requested this chant prior to the workshop and she chose to use it in several ways throughout the day. Her interpretation of this chant is so magical and special. It is also a nirgun type of chant, which means without form or without attributes and relates to that experience of our divine nature that is unmanifest, without physical form. I find nirgun style chants to be the most energetically potent.  

2) What is your favorite inspirational quote? 

Favorite quotes often change for me based on my current life experiences. So for today, it is this one: "Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover." ~Mark Twain

3) Name three yoga teachers who have inspired you. 
First of course is B.K.S. Iyengar. I have always been so inspired by his story, how he overcame such obstacles, and dedicated his life to the practice and teaching of yoga. So much of what we think of as "yoga" today in the western world has been molded by Mr. Iyengar. The depth and breadth of his knowledge was so vast... I think he was the great guru of the 20th century. Next would be Christina Sell. Christina is known for her strong asana practice and her classes are very challenging!! But she is able to weave yoga philosophy, the koshas, and asana together so seamlessly that it is indeed magic and something that I aspire to in my teaching. The third is a local teacher Jan Burgie. Jan was my first vinyasa teacher and is a cancer survivor. Many of her chest and upper torso muscles were obliterated from cancer treatment and she had to learn how to compensate for this in her practice. I so admire her strength, courage, and uplifting attitude.

4) What's your favorite outdoor activity during the summer months and why?
Now that's a hard one! I moved into a new home last year and am spending time now gardening and landscaping to enjoy when the warmer weather arrives. Summer is the season of Lakshmi and it is a great time to surround oneself with beauty and abundance. I also enjoy hiking and you'll often see me on my bike toodling around. I do try to get in a camping trip or two in our glorious high country.

5) If you could give only ONE reason why you practice yoga, what would it be?
To cultivate a deep connection and awareness with your internal experience and divine nature. That will serve you well no matter what challenges you may face in your human form.

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