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Pranava Yoga Center is built on a foundation of the ancient and traditional practices of Patanjali's eight-limbed path of yoga. At Pranava, there is a focus on cultivating deep awareness and connection in the body, mind, and spirit. While the instructors hold the traditions close and believe in living a yogic lifestyle, we can also be a little rebellious at times. We are fun and light-hearted, but also disciplined, professional, dedicated, passionate, compassionate, inspirational, and hardworking. We firmly believe that a higher state of well-being can be attained through a steady yoga practice. Pranava Yoga Center instructors are passionate about extending the teachings of yoga and are ourselves dedicated practitioners and students of yoga for life. We take our yoga practice off the mat and into our daily lives. We encourage students to see the world from another perspective. We have the ability to help students grow in their yoga practice, and we motivate students to find their own inspiration from within.



Latest Studio News

Happy FeBRRRRuary!

It might be cold and blustery outside, but classes are always warm and inviting at Pranava Yoga Center! We offer over 35 classes per week for all levels of practitioners and your first week is FREE. If you're a regular and practicing twice a week or more, are you aware that our best cost per class is with our monthly autopay option? If you practice once a week, our numbered class packs are your best bet, as they never expire. Check out our pricing page or ask one of our awesome instructors for more details.

Sending you all BIG LOVE!
Hethyr & Jon

Schedule Updates for the New Year

With the start of the new year come some schedule changes we think you'll like, including two new classes and a bit more variety in your week!

NEW! 8am-9am DONATION-BASED Vinyasa Beginner/Intermediate
(min. suggested $5 donation... all proceeds to charity)

~ 9am changes to Vinyasa Open
~ 3:30pm changes to Vinyasa Beginner/Intermediate
NEW! 7:30-9pm Vinyasa Open

~ 9am changes to Vin-Yin (combined Vinyasa & Yin)

Weekday noon classes have been cancelled.
In-Class Privates
We are now offering a brand new way to refine and advance your practice! An In-Class Private allows you to pair up with a private instructor and attend a group class together. With hands-on assists from the private instructor from the beginning to end of the class, you'll receive attention when and where you need and want it the most.
Learn more on our new In-Class Privates page.

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Teacher Training

The Winter 2016 200-Hour Teacher Training Program is underway! The next one begins in January 2017. Check out the 200-Hour Teacher Training page for more information.

Applications are currently available for the Summer 2016 300-Hour program. Pick up an application at the studio or request one by calling or emailing us. You can also learn more at our next 300-Hour Teacher Training Open House on Saturday, February 13 from 2:00 to 3:00pm.


Our current 200-hour Teacher Trainees!

Focus of the Month


Dictionary.com defines patience as "quiet, steady perseverance; even-tempered care; diligence" or "an ability or willingness to suppress restlessness or annoyance when confronted with delay."
Whether it's on our yoga mat or off, many of us have a tendency to focus on the end result rather than the process, and now with modern conveniences and endless information at the touch of our fingertips, we often become impatient when things take longer than we'd like. We want to get that asana (posture) now! We want to experience deep states of meditation now!

Patanjali addresses this in Yoga Sutra I.14 (translated by Swami Satchidananda): "Practice becomes firmly grounded when well attended to for a long time, without break, and in all earnest."  He tells us we must be patient and practice for a long time, consistently, and passionately, in order for our practice to become well grounded.

Practicing patience on the mat (or meditation cushion) can help us become more aware of those moments when we aren't practicing it off the mat, and we can start to make a shift. We may not be able to expect miracles overnight, but we can look forward to continued personal growth with commitment and patience.

"Patience you must have, my young Padawan."
~Yoda, Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back
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"We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think.  When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves."
~ Buddha

First Week is Free!

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First time to Pranava?
Every new practitioner gets a week of
unlimited classes for FREE!

For seven consecutive days, experience as many different class styles and instructors as you like. This offer is available to all new customers, both local and out-of-town. Show up at the studio when you are ready to start your free week!

Check out our Schedule page to plan your visit or check out our Pricing page to choose a plan.

Teacher Feature


Name:  Jean H.
Teaches:  Tuesday, 5:30pm Vinyasa Open
Tuesday, 7:10pm Free Meditation
Saturday, 12pm Vinyasa Beginner/Intermediate

1) What are two of the biggest benefits you gain from having a regular yoga practice?
Peace at work and flexibility. I believe yoga has given me the ability to deal with difficult situations at work and kept my body and mind flexible.

2) What's your favorite activity to do with your grandkids?
Depends on the situation, but, lately watching kids shows together has been fun!

3) What's your favorite food?
Tough one! I really like just about anything especially if it's spicy, but one of my non-spicy favorites is cauliflower, potatoes and boiled eggs smothered in a white sauce.
4) What yogic topic has captured your attention lately?
The explosion of yoga in the US and what new teachers are teaching their students. There seems to be a big concern that we teachers are not doing Yoga justice and honoring the lineage. The fear is that yoga is becoming all about the asana practice and ignores the other aspects or limbs as described by Patanjali in the Yoga Sutras.

5) Is there a specific chant or mantra with which you've felt a special connection recently?
Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu. I first heard this when Charlotte used it to close her practice. It resonated with me then and has since become the chant I use to close my classes.


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